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APAP Welcomes New Officers and Board Members

Posted over 2 years ago by Phyllis Peterson in New Officers and BOD Members

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APAP welcomed new Officers and BOD Members at the Annual Meeting 

New :

                                Tim McCreary-President

                                Rodney Ho-President Elect

                                Mercedes Dodge- Secretary

                                Kathy Robinson-BOD—

                                Lana Monashkin-BOD 2-AAPA HOD delegate

                                Ariana Golchin-BOD 3-Membership Chair


                                Cathy Judd- BOD, Chair of CME--remaining

                                James Cannon, Treasurer—remaining

                                James Michael Smith—BOD and Social media

                                Phyllis Peterson, Past President

Special Thanks to Jessica Spissinger who will continue to assist Mercedes Dodge as Secretary!


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